The Harrell Building

The Harrell Building
MLK Mixed Usage, New Orleans LA

Client Reference Information

Gulf Coast Housing Partnership
16148 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70113

Kathy Laborde

Total Project Cost and End Date

$ 14 Million
Spring 2013

The Harrell Building

Construction of this $14 Million multi-purpose facility was just completed in spring 2013 by a Joint Venture of G&M and White-Spunner, Inc.   This Joint Venture was in charge of construction of this 5-story, 92,000 square-foot building, which included 70 apartment homes, 3 floors of office space, and one floor of retail space. The project site had a footprint of nearly the entire city-block and was located within five blocks of the Superdome. There was nearly a year and a half of work time. This job was one of many in a revitalization effort of uptown New Orleans.

The Harrell Building HarrellBldg4_G&M

         The Harrell Building replaces urban blight with an 92,000 square-foot mixed-use development that includes a 20,000 square-foot commercial facility and 64,000 square-foot mixed-income senior rental housing. The commercial component houses the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority as anchor tenant on the upper 3 floors as well as ground floor retail space. The adjoining King Rampart Apartments provide affordable rental housing for residents 55 years and older with supportive services provided by First Evangelist Housing and Community Development Corporation.

Child Care Alliance

Child Care Alliance

Client Reference Information

Larry Laymon
Child Care Alliance
1008 E Trinity Ln
Nashville, TN 37026
(615) 500-0611

Project Cost and Completion Date

August 2006

The project intent was to renovate a 4,500 square foot addition to a 40 year old child care facility. The project scope included upgrades and renovations to the existing structure, adjustment of internal walls and the addition of a commercial kitchen with ventilation system for the cooking facilities. The impacted portions of the existing building were upgraded to current code requirements. The addition to the building included 4 bathrooms, a gymnasium/dance studio and class room facilities. The HVAC system was upgraded to meet the additional load generated by the new and expanded facility. Electrical and plumbing expansions were also included. The buildings fire and burglar alarm systems were upgraded and the building’s sprinkler system was expanded into the addition. Permits were obtained from the City of Nashville. Site work in the area of the addition was also completed to enhance the site aesthetics. Permitting included standard building code review/permits and local planning commission approval.

Project Elements included:

·      Approximately 4,500 square feet of construction

·      Construction of new child care spaces with supporting infrastructure

·      Enhancement of the site layout and access

·      Introduction of new grass and sprinkler system

·      Up to date, door to door security system installed

·      Major renovations of internal walls

·      Parking lot improved for drop off, and pick up

This project shows the versatility within G & M Associates, to complete commercial projects with the same respect as Government projects. Major attention was paid to every detail to assure the job was completed on time, under budget, and to the standard of the client.